Secret Garden | 12.05.14

– Top/Jeans – (Flourish Boutique)
– High Heels – (DailyLook)
Hi my lovesss!
Long time no talk! Last time I posted a look on my blog was summer, now it’s Winter. Crazy. Life has been insane. I’ll be posting more, promise. 🙂 I do post a lot of my looks on Lookbook! (OBSESSED) (Self promo)
I can’t believe it’s december also! This blouse, that I am OBSESSED with, I got recently from my favorite, Flourish, It’s so soft and pretty. And you will fall in love! And paired with heels, how classy?! You need this in your wardrobe!
If I don’t post anything on here before Christmas, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas! Next week I leave for Cancun for two weeks for a job, and then I’ll be back to a normal speed!
I love you guys to the moon and back!
Xo, Lex

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