I’m bring Marilyn Monroe back | 02.01.15

Black long sleeve top // Flourish Boutique
Necklace // Flourish Boutique
Gorgeous turquoise/blue Skirt // Shabby Apple
Hi my lovesss!
SO recently I discovered Shabby Apple, and the least I can say is I AM OBSESSED. I am all about classy skirts and dresses. This place is full of class. Not going to lie the first time I looked, I was like oh this looks like grandma stuff, then I looked again and I wanted everything! There are not a ton of classy stores that I know of, so when I saw this, I was in love! Huge shoutout to classy stores! We need more class & Sass! Not going to lie, the picture where my skirt flew to the side because of the wind, I was majorly feeling like Marilyn Monroe. I know you are probably like girl, you crazy for taking pictures in the snow with no coat, but it makes pretty pictures right?! Haha!
I hope you all had a good weekend, I’ve been snowed in for two days! It’s a struggle!
Xo, Lex


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