Not too shabby|03.21.15

Hi my lovesss!
First of all…I am SO excited that it is Spring, it felt like forever! I’ve been living in a tundra & I’m waiting for some warmth! I am also SO excited to show you all this #ootd! 😉 OH.MY.GOSH! YOU NEED IT IN YOUR WARDROBE! I’m telling you!! So a few blog posts ago, I talked about Shabby Apple, which I am overly obsessed with! This dress is perfect in all forms. I have never found a dress that I feel so confident in & classy at the same time! This dress is magic in every way. This was my favorite shoot I have ever done so far. I am in love. The pictures turned out amazing, and complimented the dress on how it looks. I LOVE.  So, I have a lot of pictures to share with you all, I couldn’t not post them?! And BTW it was freezing! But the pictures were worth it!!! Hope you all have a good weekend!
*** Thanks to my amazing photographer — Jacob
*** And thanks to my friend Meagan for making my header!!!!!!

 (It was a little chilly! Lol!)

Thank you for stopping by my blog, apparently I think something is funny! Don’t forget to smile, and be kind to one another. You are loved. 

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