Room Decor Ideas

Hi my lovesss!

This blog post you have NO IDEA how excited I am to share it with you! One thing that I get requested a lot is  my room decor, so I decided to do a little DIY on some easy & cute room decor ideas! I put together a video, and I hope you like it! I will link where I got everything below! If you want to see a room tour, let me know!

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1. DIY picture collage for you desk/vanity (my favorite!)

I saw this idea on pinterest and knew I had to do my own DIY spin on it and show you guys! I already am obsessed with my little vanity section from the mirror to the hollywood vanity lights. I went to IKEA a few months ago and went crazy, (thank goodness it’s cheap) and found this cute vanity! The glass is sold separate, which is nice it comes off so you can do something like this!

Vanity: MALM Dressing Table


2. Chanel inspired

This Chanel inspired flower vase is the easiest & the cutest accessory! This will look perfect for your desk, or in your closet, or makeup area!

Vase: Hobby Lobby

Flowers: Hobby Lobby


3. Flower Monogram

Show off your room with this girly monogram! If you’re like me, and are obsessed with flowers, this will look adorable in your room!

Flowers: Hobby Lobby

Monogram: Hobby Lobby


4. Frame picture collage

So… I’m not sure what to call this one, but there ya go. This was something that I had visioned in my mind and I wanted to make, and I absolutely love how it turned out! I scored these two look a like frames at goodwill! I based my images off of fashion & travel!

Frames: Goodwill

Clips & yarn: Hobby Lobby


5. Mason Jar makeup holder

I was on the search for something cute to hold my makeup brushes and then I saw this on pinterest! YAY! I love it!

Mason Jars & spray paint: Hobby Lobby



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