New Years Resolutions thoughts | 01.04.16

Hi my lovesss!

Happy New Years! New Years Resolutions?! Everyone is thinking about their New Years Resolutions, as well as trying to achieve them! (Credit to you if you actually finish your goals!) I feel like many people, their resolution is to go to the gym, get fit, or loose weight. The thing is, do you actually finish your goals? I personally go workout 5 days a week, and the gym usually isn’t packed, and today it was way over packed, and I knew why, New Years Resolutions. But guess what? In a few weeks, it won’t be packed. So it gave me thoughts, for today’s blog.

Today I wanted to talk about New Years Resolutions as what my thoughts on them are. And I am probably the only blogger telling you why I don’t really do them. Why is it that we try to do something to better ourself just at the beginning of the year, what about 6 months from now? New Years Resolutions, to me, are just a trend. Believe me, there is so many years that I had a New Years Resolution. As my resolutions would be: go to the gym, eat better, do something kind.. etc. I realized it shouldn’t be a “trend” of something that everyone does, just to better myself. I should want to do it all the time,  any time of the year. As in going to the gym, like I said, I go 5 times a week, it wasn’t a resolution that made me go this much, it wasn’t to loose a bunch of weight, it was because I actually wanted to. Many times where I attempted to go — to loose weight, or for a New Years Resolution goal, it fell through, I barely went. Then I realized, I need to go for not a goal, but just because I want to. (If that makes sense, sometimes I confuse myself) I go now, because I want to be healthy and fit, not to loose pounds. And I have stuck with this, for over a year now. I feel like a workoutaholic.(I made that up) Obviously, in the end, do what you do best and what you love. If you love having a New Years Resolution goal then do it. As for me, my resolution is to celebrate each year, each day, just being thankful for what I have.

Thanks for reading today’s post. It’s a long one, and irrelevant to this outfit. But this outfit was when I was in San Francisco.( like last 3 posts haha) I loved this shoot, and the moment, my favorite time is being in the city, their is so much to see, and all the lights… shine bright my friends!

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