The Bean | 03.08.16

Hi babes.
If there is one place I really enjoy going to multiple times in Chicago, it’s the bean. If you are in Chicago, you need to cross this one off your list on a place to go to! (and it’s free) I’m thinking about putting together a list of places that are a must to go to in Chicago. I’m so lucky to be so so close to this beautiful city. So, THE BEAN. When I first went here when I was little, I thought it was cool but didn’t appreciate it as I do now. If you actually pay attention to the beauty of it, and the attraction it gets,  it’s wonderful.
When I come here, I notice people like coming and getting super close and taking pictures, which is great. But for me, I love going as far back as possible till I see the whole bean with the city skyscrapers, and all the people in it. That is a beautiful thing. It just amazes me how you can see everything from one view. So, every time I come to the city, you’ll find me here.  Also, I love this sweater but it looks like I came into the city wearing a bathrobe, real talk. These booties I swear I wear them everyday, I promise I own other shoes, just obsessed. Wow, I really wrote a novel tonight. Have a good week loves!
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White top – similar here / here
Sweater – similar here / here
Beanie – similar here / here
Jeans – Forever 21 (less than $12!!)
Booties – Circus by Sam Edelman 6D4A4410














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