Day in Seattle / Things to do in Seattle

Hi Babes!
It has been quite some time since the last time I did a travel blog! Most of you know traveling is a big part of my life, and that is why I love sharing with you places that I go, so if you ever go there you have an idea what to do/eat! Okay, lets talk about Seattle! I instantly fell in love with Seattle because it is the coffee capital of America, and coffee is my favorite thing ever so I already knew I was in love. The city is so cute, rains a lot but whatever. I am going to talk about things in the order the pictures are, so lets do this!
Farmers Market:
This is a must see if you ever go into Seattle. From fish, to fruit, to handmade items, it is such a cool thing to experience! Super busy too, so expect a crowd! Not a fish person, it’s really cool when someone buys a big fish they will take it and throw it in the air really high and then the other guy catches it and packs it! Just like in the movies. 😉 If you love peaches you will die over these peaches, they’re big and so juicy, the best you will ever have! Definetly need to grab some! The flowers in the farmers market are just the best!
For lunch we just wanted to grab something quick to eat so we went to European Sandwiches and they had good healthy sandwiches! It was the next block up from the Farmers Market! Also, Pike Place Chowder, had a super long line, so I would recommend that by the amount of people trying it?!
Coffee Shop:
Before I go somewhere I usually research for hours on places to eat and coffee shops to go, it’s super important! I did not do that for lunch, which is why we just grabbed lunch at a sandwich place!(Still good though!) Coffee, yes people that research happened for days! I found this cute coffee place, and by research I just look at what the place looks like on the inside and if they do cute coffee designs, priorities!! This place was goals and the coffee was really good. The place is called: Storyville Coffee Pike Place. It’s on a second story, so you have the view of pikes place, super cool! Definite Instagram goals!
Things to do/see:
Okay so one thing you have to see which is by Pikes Place is the first Starbucks. The line was soooo long so I didn’t get any, but I snapped some pictures. You weren’t there unless you took a picture, right?!?! Super cool to see!
For tours – it is a tradition my family and I always do the duck boat, it’s weird, but it happened people. If you don’t know what that is well… you’re lucky. Kidding.. it’s a tour that shows you around the city then takes you in the Pungent Sound, so it’s really cool! A boat on wheels! 😉
The Space Needle, I did that when I was younger and it was a cool thing to see. We didn’t have enough time but people told us to go to the Experience Music Project Museum, which is supposed to be a really cool experience! The last thing we did which is super basic but we just walked downtown and did a little shopping!
I hope you all liked my Seattle travel blog, if you want to see more let me know! xoxo travel expert guru gossip girl
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