Traveling on a budget

Hi Babes!
Recently, I have been getting a lot of questions on how I travel so much and how I can afford to travel a lot! I thought I would share with you all my tips on when I travel. I linked a video below where I talk all about it, I’m also going to do a post! xx

All About Traveling:

One thing I wanted to do this year was travel more, and well I can say that I have! 😉 One of my favorite phrases: “Live a life well traveled.” In the video I posted, I talk a lot more in detail, but I am going to cover as much on here as well!

Saving for trips:
What I would suggest doing  if you want to travel more is taking some money each time you get a paycheck and just put it in a traveling fund! You will be surprised how much this will add up!

Searching for flights:
I suggest looking on google flights, that is where I always look for flights. It will take all the flights in one place and find the cheapest rate. If you look on the month you want to go it will tell you what days are the cheapest to fly out.
Looking out of bigger airports are typically going to be the cheapest. I fly out a lot on weekends because it works with my work schedule since I have weekends off. Usually Wednesdays are going to be the cheapest to fly since no one wants to fly out in the middle of the week!  I personally don’t mind red eye flights, and these are usually going to be the cheapest option as well!
I am planning on going to Spain next year, so right now about once every two weeks I look at flights till I see a really cheap rate!
Lastly for flights, if you have a date and place you want to fly, you can put in your email and they will email you when the flight has dropped in price!


Where to stay:
Basically when I travel now I look at Airbnb. Every Airbnb I have stayed at i’ve loved and I love how it shows the culture of where you are traveling. You can rent rooms or the whole apartment depending on what you are looking at doing.

Parking / Rental Cars:
For parking: whether it’s at the airport or downtown, I use Spot Hero. I just went to Chicago O’hare to fly out and for 4 days I parked my car for $25. Typically, the airport parking ones will have a shuttle too.
Rental Cars: If you are traveling to a city or an area where there is public transportation, I would suggest not getting a rental car! It depends everywhere you go, I just went to Utah and obviously drove everywhere so it was beneficial for me there. When I went to New York, I even opted out on taxis and just learned to take the subways, I could say I was a true New Yorker! 😉

Overall, at my point in my life I don’t have a family, so it is easier for me to travel! I travel a lot on just weekends, I am not gone for a weeks time so it is easier to see more places! If I could tell any young one, it would be travel while you are young, there is so much to see! 🙂











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