Am I quitting blogging?!

Hi Babes.
Yes, this was click bait kind of. Before I get into talking about my blog I wanted to share this cute pink dress that I’m in love with. So so cute.
I first want to start out to say that I am not quitting my blog, but I need to find myself again. I wanted to talk about not just my blog but in general how we can fall into losing our creativity. We get so busy with our day to day life that we sometimes forget about other things going on in our life. When I first started blogging I was working very minimal outside of blogging, so I focused a lot on my blog and wanting to grow it and being creative. The thought, if you keep posting creative images people will like you, and you can do blogging full time, and all happy things. So far from that. About 6 months ago, I have traveled more than ever, working a full time job, freelance photography, working for a photography agency, and I feel like I have lost that creativity. I have outfit photos taken from the beginning of summer that I have still not published. (Like this dress lol)  When the whole instagram algorithm came out, a lot of instagrammers who use their instagram as a business, noticed a difference. They tell you, it’s only numbers, it’s only numbers.  Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t worried about the likes or comments, I was more worried that the people who believed in my work and followed me were not going to see that anymore. At that time I lost interest in blogging, I felt like there was nothing in it for me anymore. I felt like I built my blog up and was doing good and then it dropped significantly. Which is why I haven’t had the best content. You see other bloggers posting great content and succeeding and you feel like you’re failing. Although, I have been extra busy with photography, I have lost my creativity and I am ready to find it again. In the end, I am doing this because I love fashion and want to inspire others, I am doing it for me, not to be the best out there.  I very much enjoy all the love I get on instagram and other social media outlets,  so thank you. I just need to find my creativity again. I have collaborated with the best companies, because of your love. I have made great friendships with other bloggers, that to me has been the best part of it. From being creative, talking about weird comments we get, it’s all fun things. Whenever I talk about moving to Los Angeles, (post coming soon on that, not next year) people always ask if I know anyone out there. I have a ton of friends and family out there, a majority of my friends are bloggers, people just laugh. I have made the best friendships, I would never want to give that up. I met one of my good blogger friends last year, Hayley from  Blondie in the City, the first 5 minutes I felt like we were best friends. PS she has the cutest place and puppy and she’s just cute follow her. As well as many other bloggers. I am in this group on instagram that has truly made me love blogging more. We share ideas with each other, comment nice things, it’s all positive and sometimes that’s all you need for inspiration, is others. Shoutout to all my blogger besties! We always can talk about the past, how great it was, how you wish it was like that still, but we can only go forward. Like we all wish we were 12 again and eating gushers and staying up till 1 am and sleeping in till 11 playing Mario Kart. So, if you feel like you are failing, just know even the people who you think have it all together, don’t. Find your creativity and love what you do. Thank you for reading, I hope you got something out of it.

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4 thoughts on “Am I quitting blogging?!

  1. Love it, Lexi! Definitely one of my favorite parts about blogging are the friendships we make. Since so many people don’t understand the “blogging life,” it’s so fun getting to connect with those that DO understand it haha. I’m so glad we were able to actually meet up! (Even though this past trip was a fail lol, but we’ll definitely get together the next time you’re here!)


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