Hi Babes!
This blog post has been request by some people so I figured I would share how I make my own acai bowls at home. For those who are not sure what an acai bowl is– it’s basically a smoothie bowl with fruit on top. The acai berry is the highest source of antioxidants and amino acids of any food in the world. These bowls are very instagrammy and so LA. Lol that is where I first had mine! I love eating healthy food, if it tastes good, haha! I could eat these everyday, and I love it because it is healthier and I stay full for hours! The Acai berry can be found at any organic food store. LET’S GET STARTED!
“What goes inside the smoothie bowl mixture?”
You can really put anything in your mixture, I mix it up daily. I typically will put in strawberries, half of banana, blueberries, flax seed, the Acai, and Almond milk. For measurements: I guesstimate every time. I use a nutri bullet because I find it is so easy for making smoothies, you can also use a blender. For blending, I use a tiny bit of the almond milk, not too much as it is supposed to be thicker. www.GIFCreator.me_HLgr6x 3
As well as the smoothie base, for toppings you can use whatever toppings you prefer. I typically will use the other half of my banana, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, granola, peanut butter. I use about 4 toppings differing from what I put in the smoothie base. For the acai I get unsweetened because I like to add a little honey as a topping. I cut and line up my fruit so it looks great for photos, priorities! 😉 And voila, that is it! It is super easy, delicious and a good healthy meal. 🙂



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