5 favorite makeup products!

I don’t share a lot of makeup products on here but wanted to share 5 products I’ve been loving lately! When I find really really good products I want to share them so hopefully other people will love them just as much as I do!6D4A5078

1. Fenty Beauty – purchase here
This product is newer so I haven’t had it that long.. but I love it so far. Yes, it’s all the rave. I have normal skin, but if I don’t moisturize a ton, my skin will get a little dry. I do have to say that if I don’t use primer and moisturizer this foundation can look a little flakey, so I would be aware of that. Overall, it lasts all day and looks good!


2. Bye Bye Redness – purchase here
THIS PRODUCT. This product has been my holy grail. If you get rosacea or redness like I do, you need this right now. I have always used green correctors and they work okay, but this beats all.

3. Highlighter – purchase here
The Hollywood Charlotte Tilbury highlighter. There’s not too much I can say about this other than… highlight on fleek. Lol. I love the glow this highlighter gives.


4. Concealer – purchase here
I just discovered the Shape Tape by Tarte, but I guess it’s all the rave?! A lot of my friends use it and told me I need to try it! I first love how big the brush is, and it also covers like no other!

5. LA Girls lipstick – purchase here (color lustrous metal lipstick)
I went to CVS the other day and found this brand, LA Girls, and loved the consistency of this lipstick. I loved the color for going into fall and winter.


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