10 Netflix shows you need to be watching

I love binge watching Netlfix, it’s the best thing ever?! I wanted to share 10(actually 11) shows that you need to watch. (Either are on Netflix or Hulu!) I thought it would be a fun blog post to switch things up, as I am always look for new shows myself. If you have show recommendations leave them below. I listed shows that I love from drama, to sci fi, to thriller, and romance, to cater to everyone!


  1. Stranger Things –  Okay, this show is hands down one of my top favorite shows. I  don’t usually get into Sci Fi type shows but this is incredible. Let’s just say, I finished the first season in a week. The acting in this is incredible, I am just so amazed how young these actors are and just kill it. From IMBD, “When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, and his friends must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back.”1056386-a
  2.  Scandal – Okay, I’m going to be honest I didn’t think I would like this type of show, but it is definitely on my top 3, it is so so good! (All the drama, I love it!! haha) I always joke and say I’m having a glass of wine like Olivia Pope, because she drinks her wine every night in a huge wine glass. I would highly suggest that you watch this! From IMBD, “A former White House Communications Director starts her own crisis management firm only to realize her clients are not the only ones with secrets.” the-killing-2011-504b15be86578 3. The Killing – For my law and order lovers, you are going to love this murder mystery show! It’s so intense and good! From IMBD, “A police investigation, the saga of a grieving family, and a Seattle mayoral campaign all interlock after the body of 17-year-old Rosie Larsen is found in the trunk of a submerged car.”maxresdefault4. How to Get Away with Murder – I tried watching this show a few years ago, and didn’t get into it. I just watched it a few months ago and loved it. I definitely had to get past the first few episodes to actually love it. From IMBD, “A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives.”maxresdefault (1)

    5. Gossip girl – This show, I can’t say enough of. I can’t tell you how many times I have re watched this show, it is just to good. To me, this is a classic. xoxo, Gossip Girl. From IMBD, “Privileged teens living on the Upper East Side of New York can hide no secret from the ruthless blogger who is always watching.”Jane_the_Virgin_season_3_poster

    6. Jane the Virgin – I honestly just needed a new tv show, so I started this one. I was just winging it, but it actually turned out pretty good. From IMBD, “A young, devout Catholic woman discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated.”91zJ-YXNsIL._SY445_

    7. The Fall – I don’t have too much to say on this one. It was another good mystery show. From IMBD, “A seemingly cold but very passionate policewoman goes head to head with a seemingly passionate father who is in fact a cold serialist in this procedural out of Belfast. The only thing they share is their common complexity.”pretty-little-liars

    8. Pretty Little Liars – Okay this show got me hooked. It is one of the shows that I made no plans outside of my tv on Tuesday nights at 8. I am a huge fan of the show, never missed a show! (Lol, dedicated fan!) A lot of people who have not seen it thinks it’s just a teeny bopper romance show, it is not. It is based off of high school age, but it is a drama mystery show. From IMBD, “Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, while unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend.”Ringer_TV_Series-916154828-large

    9.  Ringer –
    I’m going to be a Debby downer and tell you this is no longer available on Netflix, but you somehow need to watch it!!!(Might be available on Hulu) Don’t you hate when they take tv shows off! I loved this show right from the beginning, has such a fun story line! From IMBD, “A young woman on the run from the mob poses as her wealthy twin sister to try and evade them, but soon discovers that her sister has a price on her head as well.”download

    10. Flashpoint – I started watching this forever ago and instantly became obsessed. Each episode has a different story, and keeps you on your feet! From IMBD, “The missions and trials of a Toronto police tactical unit.” download (1)

    11. Revenge – This is one of the shows that you just binge watch so much and don’t feel bad about it, cause it’s so good. Such a good drama show! I highly suggest it! I’m thinking about re watching it soon! From IMBD, “An emotionally troubled young woman makes it her mission to exact revenge against the people who wronged her father.”

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