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It is here, my pinterest tumblr room! I always get asked where things are from in my room so I thought I would put together a blog of where everything is from!  Since I spend a lot of time in my room, as my office is in my room, I wanted something that would be cozy. I am not one that would drop $5k on a bed frame, so most of my furniture I have is very affordable.  I will link a video at the bottom of the page that will show more in depth of my room, if you want to watch that!
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Vanity: Shop
Desk – Ikea Malm Desk / shop here
Glass Top – You don’t need the glass top for the desk, but I love adding the extra touch with adding photos underneath it and making it your personal style.

Makeup Jar – shop here 
Mirror with lights – My dad made these lights and wired it somehow. (I have no clue!) The mirror was pretty pricey, I got it from Overstock. I love these options that have the mirror with lights together! Shop here / here / here / Shop my mirror here
Acrylic Makeup Organizer – These are a life savor for keeping my makeup organized. I have had these for years, they are pretty affordable and are so nice to have! I bought a few different ones and just stacked them! Shop here / here / here Shop my cotton ball and Q tip container – here
Clear Vanity Chair – shop here
Grey bowl – here





Photo Jan 21, 8 41 42 PM_preview

Clothing Rack Wall: Shop
Couture Print – shop here
Clothing Rack – Urban shop here / here

Hats – I hung these up with just nails, super easy and great way to display your hats!
Stool – Home Goods / Similar here
Merino Wool Blanket – shop here
Velvet pillow – shop here
Artificial plant – Home Goods / similar here
Ok, But First Coffee Sign – Old from Brandy Melville – similar here
Mirror – I was lucky enough to find this at Kirkland’s years ago. I found some super similar ones. Shop here / here
Two drawer dresser – I keep all my photography equipment here, I also bought organizers, to organize everything. Shop dresser here / shop organizer here
Rug – shop here / here






Bed: Shop
Collage Wall – This is one of my favorite parts of my room. I found this collage kit off of Etsy and I started with that. Then I started printing my own photos and adding them, I am not done. I want to keep adding all my photos I take and fill my wall. Most of my photos are my travel photos, so I love it. Traveling is a huge part of my life, I love seeing the world. Should I sell my prints?! Make sure you’re following me on instagram and my blog, I will most likely announce it on there if I do. Email me though if I should. (I need people to show interest lol!) Shop Collage kit – shop here
Bed – I was super lucky to find this bed on Overstock. It is the frame and headboard and I think I got it for like $150!! It is sold out, I found some other super similar affordable styles. Shop here / here / here

Dry erase calendar – shop here
Throw Blanket – I think I got this at Home Goods too, haha. If you have one you definitely need to shop there! Found similar ones– shop here / here
Pillows – A few of these I bought awhile ago, I will link similar. Blush Velvet pillows – shop here / Grey Pillows shop here / here / here


Desk: Shop
Desk – shop here / Love this one too here
Cacti plant – Found in store similar shop here

Light Sign – shop here 
Cacti Plant Print – similar shop here


Photo Jan 21, 7 52 38 PM_preview
Mirror – Oldie from Target – similar here / here
Tall dresser drawer – These have been an amazing organizer for my room. Basically filled with Junk, but looks cute right?! Shop here / smaller version here
Acrylic lipstick holder – shop here
White faux rug – shop here



Photo Jan 21, 7 53 05 PM_preview

Closet: Shop
Dresser – Malm Series from Ikea. I can’t find online to link! Similar here
Rug Runner – I just recently bought this in store from Target, can’t find online. Similar shop here
Heart necklace Organizer – old from Urban Outfitters shop similar here
Ring organizer – Old from Urban Outfitters. If you are looking for unique things definitely check out Urban Outfitters Apartment section, such awesome things! I always look on the sale! Shop similar here
Necklace holder – shop here
Drawer organizer (bra, underwear, belts) shop here


Nightstand: Shop
Nightstand – Can’t find online anymore from Overstock shop similar here / here
Lamp – shop here
Prints – Couture print shop here / Chanel Illustration shop here / Paris door print is by Heather from 527Photo – shop her prints here She was super nice and gave you all 15% off her prints use code: LEXIHOFFMAN
Books – here / here


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