Surviving a festival! Lollapalooza Tips!


Tip on surviving Lollapalooza!

STAY HYDRATED! After going to Lollapalooza for 4 years now, I finally bought a hydration pack. I always saw so many people using them and I was like wow Boujee. Uhm, it is a life savor! For me, I veto the alcohol and drink so much water! First year, I didn’t drink enough water and about passed out. Drink drink water, trust me! 

DITCH THE BOOTIES OR WEDGES! I know wearing cute shoes to finish your outfit sounds grande. I made that mistake the first year! Maybe TMI, but had bloody blisters and could barely walk! WEAR COMFY SHOES! Here are a few options:
Adidas slides – (I’m wearing these this year, they are like walking on clouds!) shop here
Fashionably tennis shoes – Shop here
Birkenstocks – (I wore these a few years ago, they were perfect!) Shop here 

YOUR PHONE WILL PROBABLY DIE! You need your phone to document fun memories and concerts! Bring an external charger! For some reason with using video and pictures and social media your phone may die fast! With being surrounded by a ton of people, you may not get the best service as well! External charger – (This you can charge a few times!) – Shop here

PLAN YOUR FESTIVAL DAY OUT! This, I repeat, is so important! Lollapalooza has a map you can save to your phone as well as a timeline schedule of who is all playing each day! You need to figure this out beforehand! It sucks, but, a lot of times there may be two big artists you wanted to see and they play at the same time. The big artists get packed, so get to the shows at least a half hour early so you see them well! Just because you pay for a full day, does not mean you have to see every single person that plays. It’s okay to eat and take breaks! Beware if you have a bag, the line for Lollapalooza gets very very long, you may want to show up early!

GO CASHLESS! This is such a genius idea and you will want to do it! If you don’t want to get your cash or card out every time you get something to eat or drink, they just scan your wristband and that’s it. Highly suggest setting this up!

BRING A COOLING PAD! You will want to stay cool as much as possible! Being surrounded by many people and 90 degrees, it can be too much! I actually just discovered these, and I’m totally bringing them! They are cooling pads! Shop here

BRING SUNCREEN! If you don’t want to look like a lobster, you may want to bring some sun screen! Love this travel sun screen! Shop here

FORGET TAKING A TAXI OR UBER! After the festival is over. It is a ginormous mob of people! Getting a taxi or uber could take a long long time! I always end up walking to my hotel!

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