Oahu, Hawaii Travel Guide!

Since I have moved to Oahu, I have had a few requests for a travel guide of Hawaii! I have only lived in Hawaii for a few weeks now, I wanted to share a few of my favorite spots! As much as I would love to share everything with you, I do want to keep some of the local spots more private!

I have always stayed with my brother when I visited Oahu, so I don’t have a ton of recs for places to stay! If you want the more resort experience I would stay in Ko’Olina. If you want more of the city beach vibe, I would stay in Waikiki. The Hawaiian Royal Hotel in Honolulu I have heard is an amazing place to stay! (The pink hotel!!) I almost always stay in Airbnb’s when I visit to get the local experience!

Arvo – Instagrammable brunch place!
Favorite Acai – Sunrise Shack & Haleiwa Bowls! Honolulu and North Shore locations!
Lulu’s – Right on the water in Honolulu!
(Since I’m so new to Oahu, I don’t have a ton of recommendations! I usually eat at home!)
Sky Waikiki – Go for drinks with a view of Honolulu!
Maui Brewing
The Study or Rumfire – fun bars in Honolulu!
Tuna Poke! From Foodland or Tamura’s! I do not like fish, which I probably need to start since I live in Hawaii! I tried Tuna Poke the other day and it’s really good!
Shave Ice –  You can get it all over the island, so good!

I would recommend renting a rental car, you will want to drive all over the island!
Lanikai Pillbox Hike – A beautiful view, highly recommend! I would say it’s an intermediate hike, I mean I hiked in flip flops and a mini skirt!
North Shore – Sunset Beach / Waimea Beach if you want to do a little cliff jumping!
Go to a Luau Show! I went to Germaines- you get food, drinks, and the whole experience!
One Ocean Diving – If you want to be brave and swim with sharks!
Lanikai Beach
Sunset dinner cruise – 
When I visited in September we went on a Catamaran for a dinner sunset cruise! I can’t handle boats too well, so unfortunately, I was sick and couldn’t enjoy it. I highly recommend for a fun evening!
Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden – Such a beautiful garden, full of greenery!
Ala Moana Mall – If you want to shop this is the mall you need to hit! It’s a massive outdoor mall!
Kualoa Rach – This is where Jurassic Park was filmed! You can zipline or tour with ATV’s. I would recommend booking ahead of time!
Electric Beach – Snorkeling!
Doors off Helicopter ride – To get the best views of Oahu, I highly recommend this! I would suggest the doors off! Check it out here!
China Walls
– Where all the tourists go, a cute city beach vibe!
Snorkeling on Hanauma Bay
Hike Diamond Head

Things to bring:
Snorkel gear – here When I first came to visit, I brought these and so thankful, you will want them! Super easy to pack in your suitcase!
Sunscreen – I would bring lots of sunscreen! It could be in the 70’s and cloudy and you will still get sunburnt! (Happened the other day to me!) 















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