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I am 24 years old and I live near Chicago. I am a style blogger & content creator. I also am one of those bloggers who has an instagram theme, so we already know I’m cool. I am a huge cat lover, coffee addict, and braid lover, if you love those three things we are best friends.


Other inquiries:

Why Styled Grey?

Like why did you name your blog “Styled Grey?”

When I first started blogging in August of 2014, I did it more for fun and didn’t think it would go anywhere. My blog was based off of my youtube channel which is mostly beauty with some fashion, and that’s when was created! Since 2015, I have been so blessed on how far it has come, including collaborations, and the growth of my blog overall. As my blog is not based off of beauty I decided to change my blog name to something that didn’t really make any more sense. Ya feel me?! That’s when Styled Grey became born! If you don’t know — my favorite colors are black, white, grey, repeat. So basically my life is neutrals. But I am mostly obsessed with grey — my whole room is grey, and I try to keep my instagram a grey theme, and that’s when I decided on the name Styled Grey.

Thank you to everyone for following me on this journey!



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